The Cloudbuster

You are invited to visit The Cloudbuster project in ROOM on the Medway Campus, by some of our MA Fine Art students from the School of Music and Fine Art.

The Cloudbuster - Friday 18 to Sunday 20 March 11:00-17:00

A sound piece; to engage the audience to look to the sky and hear collective words.

Tracey Affleck, Val Bolsover, Sophie Brown, Jose Fernandez Levy, Fiona Townend and Claudia Chiappini. 

Entering the outside space of the blue-as-the-sky space, in order to understand it collaboratively, are a group of six Fine Art MA artists from the School of Music and Fine Art, working with a proposition by artist and senior lecturer Adam Chodzko:

…When the flood receded one of the ship's 20 containers was left beached in a Medway library's car park.  Although apparently empty, inspection detected the emission of a low resonant 'cello-like' pulse somewhere within the box's interior and the strange rearrangement of the visitors' smartphone data. Shipping records indicate the container's transit of a 'cloudbuster', based on Wilhelm Reich's designs, without detailing where it was going, or who had sent it.  


ROOM is a converted shipping container, designed by architect Simon Barker. This is a multiple-partnered project involving Island Projects, The University of Kent and the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust.

The Cloudbuster is part of the University of Kent's Festival of Projections. (18-20th March)


The Festival of Projections includes a number of works and events by

staff and students from the School of Music and Fine Art.